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7 Ways to Walk on the Wild Side of Hawaii

The island of Hawaii boasts a world of outdoor adventures—by land, sea and sky. Here are 7 ways for you to walk on this island's wild side: 1. TAKE A HIKE | There are hundreds of miles of trails to explore in mountain rainforests and valleys, along coastlines, through parks and across lava fields. 2. SADDLE UP | Visitors can ride horseback in the island's scenic paniolo (cowboy) country or boost the horsepower and go on a thrilling ATV tour. 3. ZIP AWAY | Adventurers can soar through the treetops of a towering forest, high above a valley or past cascading waterfalls. 4. VOLCANO 24/7 | At the Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, you can tour one of the world's most active volcanoes, cross a lava desert and view a glowing volcanic crater. 5. WATCH WHALES | Humpback, pilot, pygmy sperm and false killer whales all share the island of Hawaii's coastline with spinner and bottlenose dolphins. 6. NIGHT DIVE | Manta rays put on quite an underwater show after dark—and they're a solid bet for you because these majestic creatures can be spied 98% of the time. 7. WATERPROOF | You can stay (mostly) dry and still spy sea life aboard a submarine, sailing vessel, glass-bottom boat, outrigger or kayak. Hawaii Visitors and Convention Bureau


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