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There’s a Beach Hidden Inside a Cave


It’s the patient traveler who knows that the treasures worth writing home about usually take a bit of work to uncover.

The Hidden Beach remains one of Mexico’s most intriguing natural features—but it takes some work to get there. The intriguing beach—which is completely engulfed by a cave with a massive hole in the roof to let in sunlight—can only be reached after swimming (or kayaking) through a tunnel.

The beach is on the Islas Marietas, off the coast of Puerto Vallarta on Mexico’s western side. To get there, visitors must board an hour-long boat ride. Once they land on the island, visitors have to swim or paddle through the Pacific waters to reach the sand.


But once at the beach, there is plenty to do. There are coral reefs in the water, perfect for an afternoon spent snorkeling. The islands feature plenty of unique flora and fauna for those that wish to discover its natural side. And, of course, there’s plenty of room on the beach for sunbathing.

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